IndustriesWe help businesses engage people and realize insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer within their industry.

We Emphasize Domain Knowledge

We help businesses engage people and realize insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer within their industry.

Emphasize  Domain Knowledge

Industry and domain competence and technical prowess go hand-in-hand at Telliant. The foundation of our domain expertise lies in our in-depth skills to deliver IT solutions to a wide range of industries. We empower our teams to build high-quality solutions by enhancing our functional understanding of the industries’ trends and needs. We encourage end-to-end ownership, responsibility, accountability and recognition. We define ourselves by our ability to deliver results.

Delivering total value

  • Thorough understanding and pro-active recommendations–industry-specific challenges
  • Focus on developing industry-specific solution frameworks
  • Understanding clients’ unique needs
  • Empowering experienced cross-functional professionals–industry specific technical know-how
  • Using pre-engineered components to reduce the time, cost and risk


From understanding the impact of the latest reforms to addressing regulatory mandates, healthcare leaders choose us to help them work better and work more effectively and efficiently. Telliant is committed to helping healthcare companies and organizations benefit from our expertise.

Healthcare Icon
  • Providing uniquely tailored solutions: EHR, Telehealth, Revenue Cycle, Population Health, m-Health, Patient Portals & communication
  • Manage costs and finding ways to grow more profitable

Financial Services Platforms

The financial and banking industry is one of our key expertise areas. We have a strong foundation and experience in building:

Financial Services
  • Cross channel operations applications for banking operations
  • Check image and transaction processing
  • Brokerage industry
  • Mortgage banking & servicing
  • Cards and Payments; transaction processing
  • Mobile payments, ecommerce
  • Back-office, front-office applications
  • Regulatory solutions


Transportation companies can look for efficiencies by customizing their software development with analytics and information management capabilities.

Logistics Icon
  • Adopting new delivery models technologies increases traditional cargo capabilities.
  • Warehouse management applications including Robotics technologies
  • Connected warehousing and transportation virtual logistics


Institutions and learning organizations today are embracing technology disruption. Managing costs while creating a better student experience to achieve student success and excellence makes you competitive in today’s marketplace. We help you redefine how education leaders benefit from global services:

  • Training and assessment solutions harnessing cloud technologies
  • Enhancing the student experience for institutional excellence
  • Personalized education experiences
  • Student administration and reporting
  • Digital transformation including streaming technologies


Telliant provides solutions and services to the Insurance industry tailored to each client’s unique needs. Insurance organizations look to us for the best insurtech applications such as:

  • Business processing
  • Claims administration
  • Channel & customer user interfaces
  • Core business functions and workflow
  • Policy and agency administration
  • Billing & disbursement systems
  • Dashboards; sales customer payments


Experienced manufacturing executives understand that long-term success requires long-term vision, strategy, and tireless deployment and execution. There are many opportunities for increased growth and efficiencies with integrating more technology into their business functions:

  • Digital disruption increases sales efficiencies, enables your enterprise applications to increase collaboration between processes making them simpler and easier to use will increase ROI and productivity.
  • Adoption of technologies that share information—new product designs, production and shipping schedules, orders status—with customers, allowing alignment of their planning and operations with those of the manufacturer

Media & Communications

The challenges from the new on-demand digital ecosystem requires new strategies and adoption of the latest technologies.

Because our global consulting team uses best practices as well as frameworks and methodologies, we can meet all software integration requirements, including application integration, EDI/B2B, Business Activity Monitoring, Business Process Management and SOA.

Media & Communications
  • Digital on-demand media and its distribution
  • Content management and digital asset management
  • Security encryption enhancements and anti-piracy challenges
  • User experience and engagement

Golf Technology

Technology driven enhancements to the golf industry continue to help businesses and players alike.

Game improvement is a given with the latest technology investments. It’s not just about players, it’s about training, wearables and biometrics.

  • Golf-club management: inventory, scheduling
  • League software management
  • Indoor-simulators
  • GPS golf tracking
  • Mobile golf apps: scheduling/reservations
  • Biometric wearables
  • Training aids & Tournament management
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