Telliant Systems Relocates its Corporate Headquarters

NOVEMBER 12, 2013, ALPHARETTA, GA — Telliant Systems, a global software services, outsourcing solutions and software development company, known for valuing long-term client relationships, is pleased to announce the relocation of its Corporate Headquarters to Alpharetta, GA. The recent growth of the organization and plans for future expansion motivated the search for a better location. With the establishment of many new partnerships in multiple industries, Telliant continues to expand its reach and client base. Along with the move of its corporate headquarters, Telliant also announces the relocation of its engineering delivery center to an expanded location in Chennai, India to support the growth experienced in the current year and the anticipated growth in 2014.

“Our updated spaces allow us to help set the stage for our continued growth.” states Seth Narayanan, CEO and Founder of Telliant Systems. “We are excited about our new locations, offering an enhanced working environment, ensuring greater productivity and increased collaboration between the teams.”

The increased space in Alpharetta, GA will allow for the expansion of key departments overseeing client projects. The firm’s new software development center in Chennai, India includes updates to their technology resources and the hiring of several project managers, senior software engineers, quality engineers and technical support personnel. This expansion of resources and personnel allows the firm to maintain its superior project execution and delivery to its expanding client base. Chennai continues to be the leading choice for recruiting highly skilled engineers.

Telliant Systems’ new corporate address is 3108 North Point Parkway, Suite 108, Alpharetta, GA.

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Telliant Systems based in Alpharetta, GA offers a full range of services to customers in North America and across the globe. Telliant offers a diverse selection of custom software development services, such as application development services, software testing services, performance analysis, and software tuning. Telliant Systems’ services are available for a variety of software platforms, including Microsoft.NET Development and Java/2EE, utilizing a range of open source technologies such as Linux, PHP, MySQL. Expert teams are available for development on mobile platforms including iPhone development and Android development. Telliant clients benefit from working with a multi-disciplined team of professionals with a proven track record of delivering results.

More information on Telliant Systems’ services is available at Telliant Systems operates through a state-of-the-art offshore application development center located in Chennai, India.

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